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Moving Company Comparison

At Easy Moves, we know there are many choices out there when it comes to moving.

There are many factors to consider including price, time and convenience. Here are some things to consider when choosing a moving company/option.

Compared to other moving companies:

  • Hourly Charges - Most moving companies charge in excess of $100/hour for a 2-man crew plus travel fees of $100+. Compare us at $95/hour and only a $85 travel charge.
  • Minimum Hours - Most moving companies require anywhere from a 2-4 hour minimum. With the travel charge, you're looking at a minimum of $250-$450 just to get them to your door. Our easy to understand, affordable pricing means our prices are nearly the same as moving yourself!
  • Low fixed prices for 1 and 2 piece moves. Virtually non-existent in the industry!

Compared to renting a truck:

  • Thinking about renting a truck? Make sure you consider the true costs which include truck rental, truck insurance, fuel costs, moving equipment (blankets, dollies, carts, etc), pizza and beer for your friends, not to mention the value of your time. Moving is a stressful enough process. Why not leave the back breaking work to us?